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03rd May. 2012.

Our opening event is mainly about introducing our HURO/1001/254/2.1.2 Interregcluster project, and share the connected activities with the participants.

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Professional conference – Temesvár

25th May. 2012.

The introduction conference on the Romanian side of the “Interreg Cluster” HURO Project started with the short introduction of the objectives, partner activities and the expectable results of the one-year-long project.

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Benchmarking visit - Szeged

06th September 2012.

The Benchmarking visit had been realized in Szeged with the attendance of several Romanian enterprises.

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Professional conference

28th September 2012.

“The objective of our event is to raise the economic potential with energetic-, economic development- and community development projects. The settlements of the two areas introduce themselves and sum up their investment needs, their tender possibilities and the experts/enterprises needed for the realization. They also feature that how the winner investment projects can strengthen the settlements and local companies.”

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Benchmarking visit - Temesvár

21st November 2012.

The benchmarking work-visit had been organized in Temesvár, at a relevant, local, medium-sized company, which is opened for cross-border cooperation, represented in the project database, operating on the area and activity field of the project (S.C. MARRATI CONSTRUCTII S.R.L.).

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Workshop – Temesvár

21st November 2012.

After the Benchmarking visit on Temesvár, we organized a thematic workshop also in Temesvár, where several companies represented themselves, which had participated on the benchmarking visit too.

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Closing conference and workshop

17th January 2013.

Within the frame of the conference the project had been summarized and the database had been assembled. The Romanian partner introduced the break-out points of the Romanian companies’ cooperation, which is mostly about future projects.

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The aim of the creation of SHENA Regional Energy Agency of the Southern Great Plain is to strengthen energy efficiency, to raise the utilization rate of renewable energy sources, the formation of renewable energy strategy based on consensus, the protection of environment and the promotion of a sustainable economy by realizing renewable energetic investments and promoting energy efficiency on governmental, institutional, business and residential levels.